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13 June 2022

8 officials of the Italian Ministry of culture, the Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, the Acropolis Museum of Athens, and the Superintendency of Piraeus, 10 days of visits, workshops, and institutional meetings: this is Skill in action, the professional training programme that builds a bridge across the Mediterranean, connecting Italy and Greece.

With a tight calendar of activities, the archaeologists and architects selected for the program met up with the most prominent Greek cultural institutions, to get to know their working methods, the ongoing projects, and the main goals for the future. A precious opportunity to exchange good practices and share new approaches in cultural heritage management.

Together with Italian and Greek experts and professors, they visited the archaeological sites of the Acropolis, the Agora, and the hill of Pnyx, in Athens, where they could discuss the most recent research perspectives and explore new research questions.
A complex museum like the Acropolis Museum of Athens, tightly linked to the underneath excavation area, allowed them to reflect on how to set archaeological areas for the public enjoyment, while a hands-on laboratory activity opened up perspectives on the variety of the educational services offered by the Acropolis museum to visitors of all ages.

Through the case of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, officials and experts discussed the complex relationship between public and private in the management of cultural heritage, and then, together with the officials of the Superintendency of Piraeus, they could visit the metro station of Pireo, with a visit that offered the chance to understand the Greek regulatory framework concerning preventive archeology and the opportunities for urban commercial archaeology excavations.

Digital technologies and territorial storytelling were tackled at the Arethusa Museum in Chalcis, a unique industrial archaeology museum that tells the history and archaeology of its island.

Lastly, the welcome and the meeting at the Italian Embassy in Athens was a precious and unique opportunity for a discussion with the Italian Ambassador in Athens, Patrizia Falcinelli, and the First Councilor Susanna Schlein, on the issues of digital technologies, threats and opportunities in the use of cultural heritage, and asset management, in which the Italian officials were able to share their experience in managing and enhancing the Italian cultural heritage.

A 10-days experience that concludes the first part of Skills in action. We would like to thank all participants and our Italian and Greel partners.


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