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research according to us

If we knew exactly what we are doing, it would not be called research, would it?

Albert Einstein

What is research but a blind date with knowledge?

Will Harvey

It is not true that the researcher goes after truth; it is the truth that goes after him

Robert Musil

After all, science is an art, a question of consummate ability in conducting research

John Dewey

Research intended as a knowledge tool and not as an object of competition and an instrument of power

Rita Levi-Montalcini

Our research activity is closely linked to training: since our mission is to support the transformations of the cultural heritage system through training, research and investigations come to play a crucial updating and integration role.
Research seeps through projects, programs, teaching contents and methods; at the same time, it is fed by the results and implications of the training courses.
Our study activities mainly investigate the needs of the cultural heritage system; for the purpose of applied research, we focus our attention on the knowledge acquired and on our legacy, on the analysis of practices, experiences and case studies, on data collection and management.
We do not work in isolation but we share data and cooperate with other national and international partners, searching for new and credible forms of participation.

ongoing research projects

Minicifre della cultura
2023 edition

It is a research project aimed at providing cultural professionals, policymakers, and all stakeholders with a thoughtful selection of the main and most significant static data, indicators, and qualitative information about culture in Italy. Through a book and a website, the project presents data describing trends in demand, changes in supply, and key public interventions in eight thematic areas: cultural heritage; libraries and archives; visual and plastic arts, contemporary architecture, and design; publishing and press; performing arts; education and employment in culture; economic resources for culture; well-being, health, and culture.

Gabriele Basilico, Trento, veduta da sud, 2003 [Archivio Gabriele Basilico, Provincia Autonoma di Trento]

Planning the landscape protection
An analysis on the Piani paesaggistici in co-planning practices

The set of policies for landscape protection and enhancement is a critical and debated issue. With this research, the Fondazione intends to reflect on the models and practices of Italian landscape planning in the last 25 years, to identify threats and opportunities, and to draft advice for the improvement of the public landscape policy. The research also investigates and questions the competencies needed by the sector professionals to detect further training needs.

Participation in the management of cultural heritage
Policies, practices, and experiences

Following Italy’s recent ratification of the Faro Convention, this research analyzes and maps different examples of public participation in cultural heritage management in Italy and abroad. By directly involving the actors of such experiences, the research aims to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, and needed competencies and to figure training courses for professionals capable of supporting participatory processes in cultural heritage management.

where we are

past research projects

Aymonino - Rossi - Unità residenziale Monte Amiata - Foto di Marco Introini

Ereditare il presente. The Italian architecture from 1945 to today
Knowledge| Protection| Enhancement

Ereditare il presente is a research project of the Direzione generale Creatività Contemporanea of the Italian Ministry of culture and the Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali. It focuses on contemporary architecture, with particular reference to the Italian architecture of the second half of the twentieth century, from 1945 onwards. The research aims to provide tools for protecting and enhancing the Italian architectural heritage and integrates research with an innovative and experimental training method for professionals.

AeSP 1440x1080_sfondosfumato_DEF

Arts and public space

Arts and public space is a joint project of the Direzione generale Creatività Contemporanea of the Italian Ministry of culture and the Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali. The research reflects on the arts in the public space on the Italian territory, focusing on their – sometimes easy, sometimes controversial – interaction among theoretical premises and design practices from World War II to today. The project is structured in consecutive and complementary steps of research and analysis, training, and dissemination of results.

cultural talk

At the end of the 2018-2020 edition of the Scuola del Patrimonio, a total of 16 applied research projects were funded by the Fondazione, each tackling pivotal issues in the realm of cultural heritage valorization. Ranging from data collection and analysis to capacity building, and from digitalization to effective management, these projects endeavor significant interest from both public bodies and private institutions within the cultural sphere. The results of the projects carried out by young researchers were presented in the “Cultural Talk” event.

ACTION Cultural Heritage.
ACtivities and Training from Italy ON Cultural Heritage

Italian expertise in the field of cultural heritage protection and conservation is globally recognized, and the Ministry of Culture has always been a key player in building and promoting such expertise, both domestically and internationally. The initiative “ACTION Cultural Heritage” (ACtivities and Training from Italy ON Cultural Heritage) represents an overview of the many and varied training and technical assistance initiatives carried out, during the years 2018-2019, by the institutes of the Ministry of Culture and by the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. These initiatives were conducted as part of actions of international cooperation and cultural diplomacy. This joint effort has significantly contributed to spreading the best Italian practices in the field of cultural heritage protection and conservation.

In_Visible museums
Visions of a future for Italian museums after the Covid-19 emergency

The extraordinary situation faced by the country during the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the cultural heritage sector to imagine the future of museums. The Fondazione took part in this collective analysis through a research project aimed at mapping out feasible paths towards innovation. The investigation outlines concrete intervention strategies to address the emergency and ensure the sustainability of Italian museums.

Skills for cultural heritage

This research aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the professional profiles within the cultural heritage sector and the training and recruitment systems associated with them in Italy. The study focused on two primary aspects: firstly, it explored how training programs influence employment outcomes; secondly, it delved deeper into specific professional profiles found within cultural institutions. The data and insights gathered from this research offer valuable points for reflection for those involved in designing the work processes of cultural heritage professionals.