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Programme 2022
Technologies for archaeology

International School of Cultural Heritage

The International School of cultural heritage is a permanent laboratory bringing together Italian and foreign professionals in the cultural heritage sector with the aim of fostering mutual learning and exchanging perspectives and best practices on innovative approaches and solutions to the daily practice of the care and management of the cultural heritage.
Following two past editions focusing on the care and management of archaeological heritage, the 2022 programme explores the possibilities and implications of the use of digital technologies for the study, care, and enhancement of archaeological heritage.

A spring intensive online programme is followed by a fall fieldwork in Italy: an opportunity to create new connections among Mediterranean institutions and to foster the internationalization of the Italian cultural heritage sector.

the programme

In  May 2022, participants are involved in an intensive three-week online programme, where they confront Italian researchers and experts from different Italian cultural institutions on the different typologies of technologies available for the study and conservation of artifacts, archaeological sites, and historic landscapes; the implications of the use of immersive technologies for the enhancement of the archaeological heritage; on the main digital tools for public engagement and accessibility of sites and archaeological areas.

In the fall of 2022, some of the participants have the chance to develop their own research projects together with Italian cultural institutions working in the field of archaeological heritage research and management.

The online programme


28 professionals from 8 Countries in the Mediterranean area (Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and North Macedonia) take part in the programme. They are selected by their cultural institution of provenance and the local UNESCO delegation.

Professionals working in Italian public and private institutions, research or conservation institutions, museums, or archaeological parks are involved in the programme as speakers, to share their work experience, often of excellence, on specific issues.

For this edition, the scientific partners are: il CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, ISPC Istituto di Scienze del Patrimonio Culturale; l’IIT Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Center for Cultural Heritage Technology Ca’ Foscari (CCHT@Ca’Foscari); l’INFT Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, CHNet Cultural Heritage Network.

eyes on

some additional details


From ideas to tools: how to integrate digital tools and technologies in cultural project and institution
Martina Bagnoli · Gallerie Estensi / Europeana

Digital and technologies for archaeology: environments and tools
Costanza Miliani · National Research Council of Italy (CNR)
Riccardo Giovanelli · Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice – Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology (CCHT@Ca’FOscari); Art Crime Project APS

Digital and technologies for archaeology: environments and tools
Lorenzo Giuntini · University of Florence

From ideas to tools: how to integrate digital tools and technologies in cultural project and institution
Giulio Lughi · University of Turin


Virtual restoration: technologies for the reconstruction and research of archaeological heritage
Emanuel Demetrescu · National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

Technologies for digital documentation and 3D modelling: case study
Grazia Tucci · University of Florence

Technologies for underwater archaeology
Roberto Petriaggi · Archaeologia maritima mediterranea
Barbara Davidde · National Superintendence for Underwater Cultural Heritage, Italian Ministry of culture

Technologies for the protection, preservation and conservation of the archaeological heritage: a case study
Marcello Pelillo · Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Digital technologies to counteract clandestine excavation and illegal trafficking of cultural assets
Riccardo Giovanelli · Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia; Ca’ Foscari University of Venice – Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology (CCHT@Ca’FOscari); Art Crime Project APS

European best practices: case study
David Chelazzi · CSGI – Department of Chemistry, University of Florence
Alex Zabeo · GreenDecision / Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Technologies for digital documentation
Daniele Ferdani · National Research Council of Italy (CNR)


Public engagement between communication and new media
Fabio Viola · Tuo Museo

Digital storytelling for the enhancement of cultural and archaeological heritage
Elisa Bonacini · Courtesy Visiting Professor – Institute for Digital Exploration (IDEx), University of South Florida

VR, AR and Mixed reality
Stefano Fomasi · Fake Factory

Designing interactive applications for cultural heritage
Sofia Pescarin · National Research Council of Italy (CNR) – ISPC Istituto di Scienze del Patrimonio Culturale

Digital technologies and applications for reception and accessibility service
Maria Chiara Ciaccheri · We Exhibit

Digital technologies and applications for reception and accessibility services: case study
Elisabetta Bruno · Coopculture
Paola Autore · Coopculture
Paolo Bucella · Coopculture

Methodologies and tools for user experience strategies and evaluation – “Designing for people: from ideas to digital services”
Federico Badaloni · Digital Division GEDI

European best practices: Culture in the Mediterranean area
Alessandra Lucchese · Grant Office, Italian Ministry of culture

Digital strategies for the enhancement of archaeological heritage
Stefano Borghini · Parco Archeologico del Colosseo

Egitto, 5

  • Amr Moustafa Abd El-Hamid Said Conservator Specialist, Group leader and Instructor, Grand Egyptian Museum – Conservation Centre, Giza, Egypt
  • Basma Mohameds Ahmed Ali Selim Director at Baron Empain Palace
  • Bassem Raouf Mustafa Bahaaeldin Curator, National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC)
  • Hadeer Mahmoud Hussien Mohamed, Inspector of antiquities at Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt
  • Mohammed Gamal El-Sayed Mohammed Fadaly, Director of Egypt’s Capitals Museum in the New Administrative Capital, General Secretariat, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities od Egypt

Giordania, 5

  • Leena Mahmoud Mohammad Albakkar Director of Archaeological Sites Management Directorate, Department of Antiquities, Amman, Jordan
  • Hamzeh Naji Abdel-Muhdi Aljarajrh Museum curator at Karak Archeology Museum, Directorate of Antiquities of Karak Governorate (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)
  • Mohamad Mahmoud Mohamad Atoom Head of Technical Section, Jerash Antiquities Directorate
  • Maher Abd Elhafeez Mohammad Alamreyn lnspector – Acting Director of the Directorate of Antiquities of Aqaba
  • Bader Aldin al-Qudah Antiquities Inspector – Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities oj Jordan

Israele, 1

  • Avishay Oz, Conservation Planner, Israel Antiquities Authority

Libano, 5

  • Hassan HajjAli Project Manager at Sarpeta Archaeological Site
  • Maher Ryad Hashem Senior /FPU, Urban Excavation Expert with DGA Lebanon, Archaeologist
  • Mira Jaafar Professor at Lebanese University-Faculty of Sciences-Department of Chemistry, Hadath-Beirut-Lebanon. Ph.D. in material science and engineering
  • Rhind Michel Skaff Museum of Religious art, Zahleh, Lebanon
  • Sara Mohammad Chrara Studying pottery in the area of Kharayeb and Adloun under Dr. Wissam Khalil, Archeologist

Marocco, 6

  • Bertei Abderrahim Conservator of Archaeological site of Volubilis
  • Tarik Moujoud Conservator of Archaeological site of Tamuda, Tétouan
  • Wafae Meddahe Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, Cultural Heritage Directorate – Rabat
  • Aboulkacem Chebri Director of the Moroccan-Luster Center for Studies and Research
  • Asmae Ameziane Regional Heritage Curator
  • Bouzougar Mohammed Teacher Researcher at the National Institute of Earth Science and Heritage

Palestina, 4

  • Najati Fitiani Architect, Freelance in laser scanning company
  • Raed Khalil Restorer, Palestinian NGO Mosaic Centre
  • Iyad Njoum Guide and Educator, Palestinian Ngo Mosaic Centre
  • Bashar Jararah Restorer, Palestinian NGO, Mosaic Centre

Tunisia, 3

  • Faouzi Ghozzi, Manager and Administrator of Archaeological Sites, Archaeological Research Officer, Institut National du Patrimoine
  • Emma Ben Azouz, Manager of Archaeological sites, GIS specialist, Institut National du Patrimoine
  • Ahmed Gadhoum, Underwater Archaeologist, Researcher at Department of Underwater Archaeology, Institut National du Patrimoine

Macedonia del Nord, 4

  • Hristijan Talevski, PhD in Archaeology (Doctor of Humanities in the field of art history and archaeology), Research Associate at Public Research Institution Institute of Old Slavic Culture – Prilep
  • Valentina Todoroska,A (Magisterial of Archaeology), Project leader and researcher
  • Sali Islami, Junior Assistant Researcher, Archaeologist at Institute of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of the Albanians – Skopje
  • Nikola Hristovski, Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology, Project Assistant and Researcher, PRI “Institute for Old Slavic Culture” – Prilep

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