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the Foundation

Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali is a foundation dedicated to training, research and higher education, founded by the Ministry of Culture.


Its mission is to promote the professional development of cultural heritage managers and curators.

The Foundation fosters a virtuous system of knowledge ranging across different disciplines, skills and subjects and implementing cross-fertilising training and research activities.

The Foundation aims at supporting changes in the cultural system by a strong internationally-oriented approach and confirming its role as a central venue for discussion and exchanges.


We build a dialogue between the different disciplines of the cultural sector to develop transversal skills and respond to the ongoing transformation of the field.


We develop a peer-to-peer system to foster and encourage the exchange between specialists. We are a centre of competence, a school made by professionals for professionals.


We create relationships between the public, private and non-profit sectors to facilitate the implementation of shared projects and develop a common language.


legal status

From a legal point of view, the Foundation was born out of the transformation of the Foundation for Academic and Higher Education in the field of Tourism, established under Article 5, paragraph 1bis and 1ter of Decree Law n. 192 of December 31, 2014, transposed into Act n. 11 of February 22, 2015.
It has teaching, scientific, organizational, managerial, financial, economic, administrative, and accounting autonomy.
It is registered with the Registro delle persone giuridiche of Rome’s Prefecture.
At present, the Foundation’s assets consist of an endowment fund created by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage when the Foundation was set up. In order to fulfill its functions and its institutional aims, the Foundation receives an annual contribution by the Ministry, it can receive allocations by public and private bodies and proceeds that can derive from its institutional, accessory and instrumental activities.