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Scuola del Patrimonio course

Heritage School the course

The Scuola del Patrimonio course offers a two-year higher education and research Programme for postgraduates (PhD or equivalent title).

At the end of the Programme, participants have to pass a general evaluation test to obtain  the Advanced Research Diploma in Cultural Heritage issued under Legislative Decree n. 83 of June 22, 2012, Art. 67 and subsequent amendments, which provides 150 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) recognized within the European space.

The aim of the course is to promote continuity between specialized training and the world of work, upgrading professional skills to meet the new cultural heritage standards as well as the requirements of cultural institutes, organisations and businesses.

The curriculum is very rich: lectures, seminars, exercises, research projects, study visits and a substantial internship period; it is designed to train professionals to operate in different areas of cultural heritage and also to renew their management forms and modalities with an integrated and collaborative approach.

Our close and constant collaboration with public and private cultural institutions from all over the country results in a training offer designed to meet the needs of administrations, organizations and companies, which allows the participants to learn about the concrete and real functioning of the cultural heritage administrative, organizational and managerial operations.

We are aware of the high profile of our participants and therefore our dedicated staff support them throughout their studies, research projects and activities, with the aim of promptly responding to their training needs and taking into account their professional aspirations and inclinations.

Participants are selected through a public call. The course is free of charge and scholarships may be provided.


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