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15 June 2022

Following the effort to keep identifying the gaps between the educational systems and the professional needs in the cultrual heritage system, and to create a common European strategies for those who work in this field, the Erasmus+ funded project CHARTER Cultural Heritage Actions to Refine Training Education and Roles invites all cultural professionals to contribute to a public survey focused on how stakeholders in the cultural sector engage and interact with each others.

The survey is a way to keep delving into the dynamics of the cultural heritage sector, and to identify and map both the mismatches between the educational and occupational fields, and the present and future needs of cultural professionals.

Totally anonymous and confidential, the survey is a way to let stakeholders directly participate in the construction of a European alliance for the cultural heritage sector. The participation to the survey is always entirely voluntary and gives the possibility to state the constrains and gaps found in every day life and practice, and to examine the impact that wider challanges such as climate change, mobility and digitisation are having on those who work in the field. In order to make it accessible to as many European stakeholders as possible, the survey is multilingual – so everybody can select the most appropriate language – and it takes only 10 minutes to complete.

All data will be made available only to a group of researchers from the University of Gothenburg, and will be destroyed immediately after the publication of the survey’s results.

To access and complete the survey, please scan the QR code or use the link below: