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Undertaking Business in Culture
The study tour in Italy
dal 14 April 2024 al 24 April 2024

The second phase of the Undertaking Business in Culture training program concluded with a study tour in Italy. This initiative, jointly organized by ICCROM and the Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali, is aimed at empowering and nurturing youth entrepreneurship in the cultural sector in Africa and Italy. 15 young entrepreneurs were selected from the 20 participants of the online training module to participate in an in-person experience, which took place partly in Maputo, Mozambique, and partly in Italy. From April 14th to 24th, 2024, participants engaged in conferences, seminars, meetings, and study visits in Rome, Bologna, and Milan.

Fostering Italy-Africa relations: enhancing business and cultural exchange
International conference
15 April 2024

In light of the historical ties and the immense potential for collaboration between Italy and Africa, Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali and ICCROM are organising "Fostering Italy-Africa relations: enhancing business and cultural exchange" an international conference to facilitate action-oriented dialogue in two key areas: capacity building and cultural exchange.

Fostering Italy-Africa relations. Enhancing business and culture exchange
International conference

An intercultural dialogue to strengthen institutional bonds and partnerships, drive innovation, and promote deepened cultural exchange and economic opportunities between Italy and Africa. In the framework of "Undertaking Business in Culture" an international training and mentoring initiative, endorsed by ICCROM and Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali, that promotes youth entrepreneurship in the cultural sector, both in the African continent and in Italy.

Undertaking Business in Culture
Al via 12 settimane di formazione per 20 giovani imprenditori del settore culturale creativo
dal 22 September 2023

Iniziano le attività formative del programma Undertaking Business in Culture rivolte a 20 giovani imprenditori africani e italiani, attivi nei settori culturale e creativo: attraverso il confronto e lo scambio con esperti del settore, i partecipanti acquisiscono strumenti e metodi per convertire le proprie idee imprenditoriali in progetti concreti e sostenibili.

Undertaking Business in Culture
Call for application
application no later than 10 July 2023

As part of the international project Undertaking Business in Culture, a collaboration between the Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali and ICCROM, applications are now open for 20 creative business minds - citizen or resident of one of Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Italy, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe - to join the Cultural Entrepreneurship Programme.

With ICCROM for Youth.Heritage.Africa
the future of the Heritage Hubs and Undertaking Business in Culture
from 27 March 2023 to 31 March 2023

Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali is participating at Heritage Hubs Connect Forum at Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya. With over about 30 stakeholders from African and European training and cultural intitutions, the head of our Internationalization unit, focuses on the importance of promoting and enforcing young people skills for entrepreneurship and business development,