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10 June 2024
The second in-person workshop of the skill2GO! project, titled “The Creation of Stakeholders’ Networks and Fundraising for Cultural Projects,” took place in Gorizia. This event brought together participants from Italy and Slovenia involved in the implementation of the European Capital of Culture 2025. The workshop is part of a broader initiative to prepare Nova Gorica and Gorizia for their role as the European Capital of Culture and focus on stakeholder management and fundraising aspects, which are crucial for the programme’s success.
The workshop, led by Riccardo Tovaglieri of Patrimonio Cultura, addressed critical questions such as: Who are stakeholders, and why is it crucial to identify them? How do we map and classify them effectively? How should they be prioritized? And finally, how can we craft effective fundraising strategies for cultural and arts projects? Fundraising was highlighted as a critical component, even for projects primarily funded by public entities. Participants examined the relevance of fundraising, the opportunities it creates, and its potential to enhance project sustainability.
Participants engaged in various activities, including brainstorming sessions, participative discussions, workgroups, and role-playing exercises in order to simulate real-world scenarios and challenges in the fundraising process and provide practical insights and foundational knowledge for developing a fundraising strategy tailored specifically to the cross-border European Capital of Culture.
The skill2GO! project, spearheaded by the Fondazione Scuola deibeni e delle attività culturali in collaboration with GECT GO/EZTS GO and GO!2025, aims to enhance the skills of those involved in organizing, promoting, and sustaining the European Capital of Culture 2025. The initiative includes an ongoing online training program consisting of eight sessions and two more in-person workshops, featuring a range of experts from Italy, Slovenia, and other countries.

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