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7 May 2021

“Un tuffo nel blu” (A dive into the blue) is a program of inclusive educational visits dedicated to children with autism and their families, developed and implemented since 2017 at the museum of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and the nearby area of the temples.  The project was discussed during the virtual classroom of the International School of Cultural Heritage edition 2021, with Luisa Varriale and Giovanni Minucci, members of the technical scientific coordination of the Social Cooperative Il Tulipano, implementing the project.  In the meeting of April 26, 2021, entirely dedicated to the practices of accessibility and usability, the experience initiated by the Archaeological Park of Paestum clarifies how inclusiveness, for museums and places of culture, starts from the inclusive and universal design of spaces and experiences, and passes through an adequate training of staff.

A topic of keen interest to the participants of our permanent workshop, who further debated it with Varriale and Minucci at the roundtable on May 6, 2021, where colleagues from Israel, Egypt, and Morocco discussed different inclusive design practices that can facilitate the accessibility and usability of archaeological sites and museums.  The meeting saw all participants engaged in a reflection on the value of cultural heritage, the importance of ensuring a complete experience and at the same time adapting to the different needs of the public and, not least, achieving the complex balance between accesibility interventions and conservation of the integrity of historical, artistic and architectural heritage.
Among the cases shared by the participants, the importance of staff training and the removal of architectural barriers carried out in the sites of Luxor in Egypt and Caesarea Maritima and Hippos Sussita in Israel, the preparation of paths designed specifically for audiences with special needs and the different tools and devices used to involve the community in the cases of a new archaeological park being established in Casablanca, Morocco and the Malawi Museum, also in Egypt.


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