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8 June 2023

Future Skills for Cultural Heritage is an initiative dedicated to training, internationalisation and cooperation for the cultural heritage sector, bringing together institutions and professionals from Italy, Europe and around the world.
The activities takes place in Rome from 14 to 16 June 2023,  at the Auditorium of the Central National Library of Rome, bringing together high-level institutional representatives from Mediterranean countries, Italian cultural institutions, and cultural management advanced training institutes from 7 G20 countries.
Through different activities, workshops, high-level panels and working tables, the initiative is designed to foster reactions and discussions on the issues of professional skills and international training, drawing on the experiences of three of our main international projects: the International School for Cultural Heritage;  the creation of a network of G20 training institutions on cultural management  for the internationalization of the professional skills of cultural professionals through; the training and networking activities carried out with the Grant Office of italian Ministry of Culture.

Opening conference
Training and Competences fostering Cooperation e Internationalization

Kicking off the three-day working session, on the morning of 14 June, from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., through a public conference involving representatives of public institutions and international multilateral bodies as well as leaders of Mediterranean and Balkan cultural institutions.
In the first panel, Cultural Cooperation and training: an international overview, dedicated to cultural diplomacy, institutional representatives of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ICCROM and UNESCO, reflect on how international relations can be established or consolidated even through international training and cooperation initiatives in the cultural sector.
This will be followed by Needs and opportunities for cooperation in training, a Mediterranena perspective, a dialogue between directors of Mediterranean and Balkan cultural institutions on training practices and capacity building opportunities offered by international cooperation.
Working language, english; with translation.

Download the full programme: International Talks: OpeningConference. Programme

Euro Med International Networking Day.
Building bridges for new partnerships

The Euro Med International Networking is an initiative organized in the framework of the collaboration between Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali and the Grant Offfice of the Ministry of Culture, to strengthen the connection between national and international stakeholders from the cultural and creative sectors and to foster participation EU funding programs and EU Transnational Cooperation programs for Mediterranean.
The initiative foresees thematic interventions on EU-funded programmes, presenting challenges and opportunities for Euro-Mediterranean territorial cooperation and networking activities to enable participants to make valuable connections, promote their projects to expand their network and gain more
knowledge and to insight in their sector. Specific attention is devoted to the involvement of MIC institutions and to institutions from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean
area and the West Balkans.

Euro Med International Networking Day: calendar

Euro Med 2023 International Networking Day: Report

Dialogues on management skills
G20 culture network

In the context of the project for the creation of a G20 Culture Network of cultural business management training institutions, “G20 Culture: Dialogues on Management Skills” is a closed-door meeting that brings together representatives of the institutions that have joined the Network. Through
workshops, presentations and study visits, participants discuss about skills needed in the sector and about training activities that can be developed by the G20 Network. The meeting is focused on three main topics already identi ed by the network: “Culture and Sustainable Local Development”; “Community Engagement for Sustainable Cultural Heritage”; “Creative industries and entrepreneurship in the cultural sector”. Main aim of the meeting is fostering international exchange and building joint training initiatives.

Dialogues On Management Skills: calendar

International School of Cultural Heritage. Technologies for Archaeologies.
Building a permanent platform of training and exchange

The International School of Cultural Heritage (ISCH) is a permanent platform of training and exchange with the main objectives of facilitating exchanges between Italian and foreign professionals on innovative approaches for the care and management of the cultural heritage and building a consolidated network of partnerships between the Italian institutions and those of the south and south-east of the Mediterranean basin. The third edition of the ISCH Programme, held in 2022 and organized in close collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign A airs and the Permanent Delegation of Italy to UNESCO, held in 2022, was focused on digital and technologies for the research, care and enhancement of archaeological heritage. The Programme involved 32 o cers from 7
Mediterranean countries and North Macedonia, who attended an online training module, and then completed 23 residential training  eldwork experiences in 12 Italian institutions.

ISCH Building a Permanent Platform of training and exchange: calendar