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The Culture/Cultural Heritage and Climate Change
Knowledge Base

a collection of data and documents on Culture/Cultural Heritage and Climate Change in the urban context

This knowledge base was designed by the Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali, together with the Ministry of Culture and a dedicated experts’ team, as one of the outputs of the activities carried out for the implementation of Action 9 “Observatory on Culture/Cultural Heritage and climate change in the urban framework” as planned in the Final Action Plan of the Partnership on Culture/Cultural Heritage of the Urban Agenda for the EU.

The collected data

The data collected during the research have been organised into a relational database made of 4 tables: “Policies”, “Programmes”, “Projects” and “Actors”. Each table is accessible individually and provides links with the other tables.
All the items collected – except for the “Actors” – have been classified according to four categories: High Ambition, Adaptation, Mitigation, Loss&Damage.
These categories derive from the 2019 ICOMOS report “The Future of Our Pasts: Engaging Cultural Heritage in Climate Action”, which condensed into four categories referred to Culture/Cultural Heritage the contents of the Paris Agreement, which remains the most relevant multilateral policy framework for tackling causes and effects of climate change and represents a global accord on combating climate change and accelerating and intensifying climate action.
The database is devised to be implementable. It aims to function as a dissemination space for players in the sector, as it records any relevant document the community will indicate.
for more information on the database please read
"The Culture/Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Knowledge Base. Report"
"The Culture/Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Knowledge Base. Bibliography"

The tables


This table collects a set of indications, goals or rules officially agreed upon at the national, regional, EU or global level addressing threats and vulnerabilities of tangible and intangible heritage in relation to climate change and natural disaster or addressing any contribution of art and culture against climate change.


This table collects financial instruments supporting research and projects on cultural heritage and climate change in the urban context.


This table collects projects aiming at monitoring and managing climate change impacts on urban cultural heritage, as well as art initiatives in the field of climate change, stimulating reflections on possible futures.


This table collects any private or public institution, group, network, foundation, community active or who has performed relevant actions within research, projects or initiatives about cultural heritage and climate change in the urban context.