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11 November 2020

The first edition of the International School of Cultural Heritage is coming to an end. This professional development programme for foreigners was launched in November 2019, in its inaugural version, under the title Managing Mediterranean archaeological heritage: challenges and strategies.

The experience

Archaeologists, architects, museum experts and managers, from Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Turkey have been involved in a residential course lasting five months.

From 6 November to 18 December 2019, in Rome, the 19 professionals participated in the theoretical part of the program: lectures, thematic visits and study visits to cultural sites and institutions, workshops, case studies and meetings, followed one another offering a vast panorama of topics related to conservation and research, management and enhancement of the archaeological heritage.
From  January to March 2020 (with scheduled conclusion on 27 March and early suspension due to the health emergency from Covid 19), each participant was individually dedicated to his/her own field project: from Brescia to Agrigento, Turin, Rome, Naples, Paestum, Herculaneum and Pompeii, the participants in the program interacted with their Italian colleagues belonging institutions, museums and archaeological parks,. During the fieldwork, they were able to study models and practices of the hosting institutions  and to develop their own project that may be applicable to their context of origin.

In closing, a moment of collective discussion among the participants and Italian colleagues has been dedicated to evaluations and reports on the experience.

The final seminar: “Programme follow-up: twinnings and skills sharing”.

The first edition of the International School of Cultural Heritage officially closes on 25 November 2020 with an online seminar, in the presence of the top managers of the organizations from which the participants come and from the institutions that hosted them for the fieldwork.

The appointment is intended to be an opportunity for dialogue and work, looking at future possible partnerships: the debate is useful for formulating suggestions and devising further exchanges and cooperation initiatives.


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