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13 May 2022

The first session of the third edition of International School of Cultural Heritage, an initiative of development for italian and foreign professionals realized through the sharing of knowledge, experiences, methods, and tools in a sort of permanent workshop. This third edition focuses on technologies for archeology and involves thirtythree professionals coming from eight Mediterranean countries (Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Marocco, Palestine, Tunisia and North Macedonia). The invited professionals take part in a spring intensive online training program, streaming on fad.fondazionescuolapatrimonio.it, and a fall fieldwork in Italy.

The first session of the International School of Cultural Heritage has taken place from the 9th to the 13th of May 2022, and focused specifically on the digitazation of museums and institutions, in relation to the study, conservation and valorisation of archeological sites. During the welcome session, exceptional speakers introduced the new edition of the school, such as:  Vincenzo Trione and Alessandra Vittorini, President and Director of the Fondazione, Paolo Toschi, diplomatic adviser to the Minister of Culture, and Lazare Eloundou Assomo, director of the UNESCO World Heritage Center. Onthe same day, Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin, delivered a lectio magistralis entitled “Digital Revolution and Humanism“, with a focus on the close relationship between technology and humanism, the role of the digital humanist and museums in the digital transition and the importance of research in the digital field for continuous improvement of the museum experience.

During the first week of this year’s edition of the school, the selected professionals – Martina Bagnoli from Gallerie Estensi, Costanza Miliani from the Italian National Research Council CNR, Riccardo Giovanelli from the Italian Institute of Technology – Centre for Cultural Heritage, University Ca’ Foscari in Venice, Lorenzo Giuntini from University of Florence, Mariaelena Fedi from National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Giulio Lughi from University of Turin – have shared their research and fieldwork outcomes, particularly focusing on the best strategies to integrate digital tools and technologies in cultural institutions and archeological sites.