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18 June 2021

The first Lecture dedicated to communication and involvement of the public for the professionals from the Mediterranean and Latin America involved in the online programme designed for the International School of Cultural Heritage in 2021 which met Valentino Nizzo, Director of the Museo nazionale etrusco di Villa Giulia, in the Frontal Lecture held on 7 June, 2021.

The director shared the story of a museum that has focused on communication strategies capable of engaging the public in an effective and spontaneous way, with a focus on digital communication, which has become essential nowadays to further the mission of dissemination that museum carry on. A lecture focused on the different strategies and some of the most engaging initiatives put in place at Villa Giulia to involve the visitors of the museum.

In the round table of 17 June 2021, three colleagues, from Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, joined Director Nizzo to continue the fruitful discussion begun in the Frontal Lecture on the role and potentials of digital strategies and tools in cultivating the relationship of museums with their territory and public. The exchange was enriched by the sharing of experiences of museum educational activities and virtual tours undertaken at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara in the past year, and of different contents for digital platforms developed at the Malawi Museum in Egypt.