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21 September 2022

The European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance CHARTER, Erasmus+ funded project, released a new official result: Factsheets: Families of competences by Work Package 2 (Strategic analysis of cultural heritage competences and occupational profiles). The new set of factsheets illustrates the process carried out since the development of the CHARTER Cultural Heritage Ecosystem Model putting forward the first steps of a methodology to identify competences for cultural heritage professions.

The new publication includes the new CHARTER Spiderweb Diagram, which picks up the six heritage functions from the CHARTER model (management; governance and policy making; research & development/education; engagement & use, preservation & safeguarding; recognition) to allocate activities related to heritage practice in a scale of eight levels of knowledge per function (responding to the eight EQF levels). Through this proposed methodology, CHARTER aims to offer a practical way to reflect on the current state of heritage practice, fully describing the range of activities, tasks and skills involved.

Elis Marçal, President of E.C.C.O. (European Confederation of Conservators-Restorers Organisations) and leader of the WP2 states: “Our goal is to produce easy, friendly and accurate tools for those working in cultural heritage. To inspire discussion, self-assessment and ultimately to help us to better understand our sector and our professional practice.”

Access the Factsheets on the Results section of CHARTER’s website.


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