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15 March 2021

A calendar of lectures and round tables dedicated to the continuous training of professionals of the archaeological heritage sector. This is the framework within which archaeologists, architects and researchers working in museums and archaeological parks in Mediterranean countries, will once again meet with Italian professionals, in an entirely online version of the International School of Cultural Heritage.

The initiative was first conceived during the Seminar Programme follow-up: twinnings and skills sharing, an online appointment with which the first experience of the International School of Cultural Heritage formally ended on 25 November 2020; in order to deepen the reflection started during the 2019.2020 edition, this programme was designed accordingly with the thematic proposals put forward on that occasion by the senior managers of the foreign cultural institutions involved.

Around 40 archaeological heritage professionals from Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey (as well as from the Dominican Republic and El Salvador associated within the framework of our partnership with IIILA) will discuss the themes of management and participation.  Over the course of 13 webinars, participants will hear from as many Italian colleagues about a concrete and real work. Ten days after each webinar, a reduced number of participants will take part in a round table discussion, for a more direct and specialised conversation.

This model of professional development was made possible by our distance learning platform fad.fondazionepatrimonio.it, which hosts the webinars and round tables.

Beginning on March 15th 2021 with a session on the tasks and operations of the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage by Lt. Col. Alfio Gullotta, the programme will continue until the 21st of June 2021, covering the role of research and digital technologies, the most effective economic and financial management tools and the best models for participation and engage with different audiences and territories.

From September 2021, a recording of the scheduled webinars will be available for on demand use.