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4 June 2021

During the meeting of 17 May 2021, researchers from the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Eva Pietroni and Daniele Ferdani, guided the professionals participating in the International School of Cultural Heritage edition 2021 in a remote exploration of the Virtual Museum of the Tiber Valley. This integrated system of knowledge, valorisation and communication of the cultural landscape of the middle Tiber Valley is a model that can be usefully replicated in several contexts with topographical data and requires the development of a methodological approach for narration that combines different conceptual and emotional registers.
The result is a new approach in the valorisation and communication of cultural heritage that integrates virtual reality, gestural interaction interfaces from video games, cinematographic and theatrical techniques, virtual set practices, augmented reality.

During the round table on 27 May, Eva Pietroni and Daniele Ferdani were back to talk about technologies applied to the protection and enhancement of archaeological heritage with five colleagues from Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey. Among the cases discussed: the gamification and virtual reality project carried out in the archaeological site of Mseilha in Lebanon, developed also through the experience of fieldwork of Dr. Lichaa during the previous edition of the International School of Cultural Heritage; the potential of immersive installations and virtual reality tools for the enhancement of exhibition spaces in the recently opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation in Cairo, Egypt; the different digital solutions for the enhancement and spectacular display of archaeological heritage applicable in the National Park of Beit She’an, Israel.