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projects: details

in the "Culture/Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Knowledge Base" in the urban context

PROMEDHE - Protecting Mediterrenean Cultural Heritage During Disaster

Leader Institution: Dipartamento della Protezione Civile-Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri
Partners: Cyprus Civil Defence , Cyprus; National Emergency Management Authority, Israel; Supreme Council for Civil Defence, Jordan; Higher Council of Civil Defence, Palestine
Country: Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Italy, Palestine, Austria, France, Spain
Intervention place: Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Italy, Palestine, Austria, France, Spain
Funding programme: EU Civil Protection Mechanism

PROMEDHE was developed to reinforce capacities and procedures of national resources to optimize their response to natural disaster, paying particular attention to people’s safety, and to landscape/archaeological/ cultural sites in the region. To reach these goals, PROMEDHE tried to involve Civil Protection Authorities by promoting a common approach and methodology. The project on the one side identified innovative tools and procedures to improve disaster management for rescuing cultural heritage and to increase coordination and cooperation of all national stake-holders, and on the other side elaborated recommendations to bring civil protection authorities of Jordan, Israel and Palestine closer to the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism tools and standards. In this context, PROMEDHE fostered the networking of civil protection and cultural heritage safeguards and created a formal and informal platform of civil protection authorities and experts. The project, led by the Italian Civil Protection, ended in 2018 and continued in the ongoing “ProCultHer - Protecting Cultural Heritage from the Consequences of Disasters” project, led again by the Italian Civil Protection.

Goals:Project’s objective was to create a cross border regional network of experts to cooperate and share experiences in the field of cultural heritage protection during disaster management.
Website: http://www.montesca.eu/promedhe/
Document URL:
Category: Loss&Damage
Keywords: Built Environment, Monitoring of Climate Impacts, Protection, Risk Management, Technologies