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projects: details

in the "Culture/Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Knowledge Base" in the urban context

London Theatre Consortium #LTC Green

Leader Institution: London Theatre Consortium
Partners: Julie’s Bicycle, Creative Climate Movement
Country: United Kingdom
Intervention place: United Kingdom
Funding programme: England Environmental Programme

The London Theatre Consortium (LTC), a group of 14 producing theatres, has been running #LTCGreen, its environmental sustainability programme since 2010, with the support of the Creative Climate Movement. In 2018, LTC organised its first Artists Climate Lab, exploring what it means to make art in the context of climate change, the challenges artists face and how they can respond. In 2019 LTC organised its second Artist Climate Lab. With support from the Arts Council England’s Environmental Programme, LTC is developing a roadmap for achieving its 60% carbon reduction by 2025 in line with London targets, alongside continued development of the role that LTC theatres can play in tackling wider environmental issues. With support from Julie’s Bicycle, LTC continues to develop pathways to achieving its targets and is deepening its collaboration with the Greater London Authority’s Culture and Environment teams.

Goals:The main goal is achieving 60% carbon reduction in theatre activities by 2050; together with this, LTC wants to raise awareness on the issues of climate change in the context of artistic productions.
Website: http://www.londontheatreconsortium.com/
Category: Mitigation
Keywords: Cultural Activities, Green Energy