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projects: details

in the "Culture/Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Knowledge Base" in the urban context

Green Culture

Leader Institution: Green Culture World Foundation
Partners: Krug, Centre for International Cultural Collaboration
Country: United Kingdom
Intervention place: Balkan region and United Kingdom
Funding programme: Creative Europe 2014-2020

Green Culture is an international multi-sector platform in the Western Balkans that adopts sustainable measures and collaborates to find solutions to today’s most pressing economic, environmental and socio-political problems. It brings together regional leaders and industry experts from all fields who embrace the global sustainability agenda into their philosophy and convey their knowledge to the broader public to inspire action. Creative Industries are the leaders of this mission: basing on the fact that artists and cultural workers have always been social leaders and they are some of the most influential and strongest catalysts of change, they are prime to educate and influence the public on these pressing issues. Green Culture tries therefore to engage all cultural organizations, individual artists and businesses to practice sustainability.

Goals:Goals of the project are: to shift attitudes towards caring about the environment; to link different sectors in society (culture, business and science) reaching a wider audience and making a bigger impact on people’s attitudes towards the environment; to empower the next generation of sustainability leaders and finally to continuously raise awareness of the environmental, economic and socio-political challenges through the channel of Arts and Culture.
Website: http://greenculture.world/
Category: High Ambition
Keywords: Engagement, Dissemination, Mobility, Cultural Activities