The Fondazione was founded in January 2015 out of the transformation of the Fondazione per gli studi universitari e di perfezionamento sul turismo (Foundation for University Studies and Specialization on Tourism), which never got started, after the approval of its constitution (December 2015). During the first meeting of the Board of Directors (November 2016), the Foundation began to develop the planning of its operative structure as well as of its training curricula.

Its first course (selection announcement published on January 8, 2018), which is not a prerequisite to access careers in the public administration in the realm of cultural heritage, is now being launched. One of its goals is to test the Foundation’s organization with a view to a continuous improvement of contents and formats based on experience.

The Foundation opted for a gradual growth model, based on a feeling of responsibility toward students, collaborators, workers, and institutional partners, that is suited to experimenting with an innovative, supplementary, and distinctive educational offer compared to existing ones; one of the first priorities is to integrate different skills, methods, techniques, and disciplines departing from actual work in the context of cultural heritage.

  • The Foundation promotes and operates the encounter between existing (technical-scientific) educational offer and demand in the public and private sectors. The Foundation, in particular through the course Scuola del Patrimonio, intends to take care of the delicate moment of transition from the completion of advanced university studies, after acquiring indispensable technical-scientific knowledge, to the world of work in the public and private sectors. The Foundation works in the belief that further knowledge from different disciplines and fields as well as the transfer of knowledge from research, protection, administration, management, and promotion in the areas of cultural heritage can only be engrafted onto a strong core of technical-scientific skills.
  • The Foundation intends to project the Italian training model internationally, in particular through the course “International School of Cultural Heritage“, especially as far as the technical-scientific knowledge acquired in close contact with the actual context of cultural heritage is concerned, including the precious skills that have been developed in our country in this area.
  • The Foundation promotes, supports, and practices research, while also upholding innovation, in all sectors of cultural heritage.
  • The Foundation contributes to the continuing education of those who already work in cultural heritage and to the initial training of those who are beginning to work. To this purpose, the initial training course for the 1,000 officials who have been hired and are being hired by MiBAC after passing the latest national competition (Gazzetta Ufficiale 4° Serie Speciale Concorsi ed esami n. 41 of May 24, 2016) is being planned.